Dancing Cactus Toy

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Meet the Lovely Talking and Dancing Cactus - a revolutionary robotic toy that will bring children a lifetime of joy and educational value. This cuddly companion uses USB charging and is powered by safe and healthy materials, including pp cotton filling for extra comfort. This toy will jump with the rhythm, sing English or Spanish songs, record your voice, repeat words back to you, learn to speak your language, and more! It’s perfect for interactive playtime or creating a fun party atmosphere with cheerful music and dancing. Plus, its stylish design is hard to beat-- kids (and adults!) will love it! And best of all, since it runs on both rechargeable technology and ordinary carbon batteries (which can be replaced if necessary), it’s economical to use as well as sustainable.  Get ready to add some delightfully unexpected learning and entertainment into your home with the Lovely Talking-Dancing Cactus!




Type1/5/7/9/11: English Songs, Battery version, Sing 120 songs [Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]
Type2/6/8/10/12: USB charging version, Sing 120 songs [Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]
Type3: Spanish Songs, Battery version, Sing 120 songs [Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]
Type4: Spanish Songs, USB charging version, Sing 120 songs[Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]